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Cremation Services in Greymouth, New Zealand

The Westland Crematorium was first operated in August 1994. It was shipped to Greymouth and installed by The Late Mr Joe Pattinson from America primarily so Coasters would not continue to have to travel to Christchurch or Nelson for cremation services. This caused a great deal of expense to the families and travel hassles particularly as we must pass over alpine passes during winter time. We now have the ability to cremate on the same day as a Funeral Service if required. This Crematorium Service is utilised by Hagedorns Buller Funeral Services in Westport, and Thompsons Funeral Directors in Hokitika, so it benefits the wider Coast areas also.

This particular Cremator is an All Crematorium Machine and uses Gas supplied by a Local Company. It takes approximately 3-3.5 hours for each cremation plus cooling time and processing. All the staff at Westland Funeral Services are trained to operate the cremator and have a good knowledge of the entire process.

There is a strict process of identification and certification carried out for each individual cremation due to the nature of once it is complete it cannot be undone.

Westland Funeral Services is proud to offer this local and cost efficient service to our client families in our community