Westland Funeral Services is the only funeral home on the West Coast offering these personalised handcrafted pendants. Caron Stead of Fingerprint Memories is a Christchurch and upper South Island jeweller, who along with her skilled team, create these beautiful pendants. Here at Westland Funeral Services we can advise as to whether the Original Fingerprint or a Textured Print would best suit your family.

Fingerprint Memories create personalised pendants that capture the unique prints of loved ones who are no longer by your side. This jewellery provides a personal and comforting treasured memory. Each pendant is handcrafted in pure silver. Your loved one’s unique fingerprint is captured on a silver keepsake to treasure for ever.

Textured Print
The Textured Print range features pure silver jewellery that has been handcrafted with the texture of your loved ones own unique fingerprint.
Fingerprints are taken using special ink print kits that have been created to be simple to use and to take the most beautifully detailed print.
The pendants are available in a Heart, Circle, and an Oblong style keepsake.

Original Fingerprint
The Original Fingerprint pendant makes a beautiful pure silver keepsake, capturing the unique shape, size, and whorls of your loved one’s fingerprint.
Prints are taken using a two-part molding compound which beautifully captures the detail of fingerprints.
These pendants are available in an Oval, Dog-Tag, and a Tear Drop keepsake.

Once the pendant has been completed, the pendant and the molds are returned to the family for safe keeping. The pendants can be recreated at any time providing the mold is kept. Contact the team here at Westland Funeral Services and we will assist you with this.

All Pendants and Urns shown are a small sample of a very large selection of this nature. Please feel free to contact us directly to view the full range.